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Construction & Development

Vision and Values

Al Din Contracting Co. aims to deliver exceptional value through international working practices and organisational cultures in order to consolidate its reputation for providing quality building and infrastructure projects, on time and within budget.

Al Din Contracting Co.'s vision is to be the company which understands the needs of all in order to be the first choice for all – whether they are clients, employees, suppliers, industry partners or the community which it serves.


Health & Safety

Our Health & Safety vision is:

People working in partnership, demonstrating respect for the safety and health of others by their everyday actions to create a world-class industry with exemplary working conditions.

The Health & Safety vision is accomplished where:

  • Our attitudes and behaviour are built on mutual respect, cooperation and understanding achieved through engagement and consultation with all involved in the construction process and beyond.
  • We provide safe, healthy working conditions for ourselves and for those we work with.
  • We respect the communities in which we work.
  • We create and sustain an image that attracts and retains committed and skilled people.
  • We require all who work in the industry to be competent through education, training, experience and continuous personal development.



Our Environment & Sustainability vision is:

Businesses, public agencies, other organisations and individuals minimising the waste they produce, reusing and recycling materials far more intensively, and making more efficient use of energy and materials.

Our commitment to the protection and enhancement of the environment is a major priority, achieved by implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management System and adhering to our Environment & Sustainability vision.

We are engaging in programmed communications, employee training, and registration to the globally recognized ISO 14001 standards.



Like safety, quality is a fundamental Al Din Contracting Co. Company value. We believe that compliant quality assurance systems not only increase client satisfaction but enhance the company’s long term productivity and competitiveness.

We strive to consistently deliver quality products relating to the company’s activities, whilst meeting established quality regulations as well as client expectations in terms of time, cost and quality.

By implementing quality systems, quality management and active benchmarking, we are creating a quality culture focussed on continuous improvement and the goal of 'zero defects'.